“I learned a lot from working with Velvet.  She helped me in not just healthy eating, but organizational skills, how to properly do meal combinations (i.e. vegetable, protein, etc), learning how to substitute items that are not good, but choosing healthy options, how to properly clean vegetables and good exercise stretches that  I can do in the morning and at night.”


~ Kelly


“Velvet was very supportive as a health coach.  She always helped me find better ways to make it work to fit my needs.  Watching her transformation helped me to realize it is possible to change.  She journeyed with me to help me reach some of my goals. I was ecstatic when I was taken off some of my blood pressure medicine and had my diabetic medicine reduced.  Velvet was a gift.”


~ Cheryl


"During this three-month program period, I got off of pain medicine, started using flaxseed oil, stopped drinking sugary drinks, and changed the way I think about food and drinks.  I need to work on maintaining that mindset."


~ Carrie


"During these four weekly free sessions, I lost 8 pounds, went down a dress size, sleep better through the night, learned to make better food choices for myself and my family.  I even convinced my husband to walk with me."


~ Rhonda


"When I first heard about Velvet, I was trying to accomplish this weight loss journey on my own.  I had seen a nutritionist, was going to the gym every once in a while, I called myself cutting back and would convince myself whenever I ate something unhealthy that I’d do better “tomorrow”, and instead of losing weight I was steadily gaining.  Tomorrow never came until I met Velvet.  It wasn’t so much portion control for me but it was ALL the wrong foods; such as sodas, French fries, barbeque, peanut butter &jelly, chips, etc.  Anything that was sweet and/or salty. I ate very few vegetables and too much fried foods.  Finally, in October 2015 I attended a wedding and saw myself in the pictures and was like “whoa” what happened and when did this happen?? At that time I decided I had to make a change.  So, I first met Velvet at an informational session.  As she introduced herself that and shared her struggles and ultimately her triumph, I thought to myself that she was reading MY story.  So, while she was speaking, my mind was racing 100 miles a minute thinking that “I can do this”.  I liked it because it wasn’t a diet but a lifestyle change.  I have family members that offer quick fixes selling teas, diet pills, etc.; however, I knew I could not live out the remainder of my life drinking just tea and taking pills.  Eating properly and exercise was more feasible for me.  I signed up that day to speak with her one-on-one the following week.  After our first meeting I didn’t need any more convincing (not that I needed convincing).  But I was sold on her coaching style.  I began this journey in November of 2015 and by May of 2016 (six months) I lost 30+ pounds; I choose to say that “I’m over halfway there”. There were times that I did not meet my goals that I had set for myself and got discouraged (never enough to quit) but discouraged and even beat myself up, but Velvet always encouraged me to still press on.  She offered solutions!  I most admired the text messages, emails, and especially the face to face meetings.  With the face-to-face meetings I felt even more accountable because she could read my face and body language and tell if I was feeling good or struggling.  Once I recall calling our meetings my confession period, especially when I had eaten and/or drank something that I shouldn’t have. Never once was I chastised for doing so, but she reminded me of my long term goals.  I enjoyed our “field trip” to the grocery store and learning about healthy foods, barcodes meanings, etc.  I feel so much better physically and mentally.  I feel good about the way I look in my clothes and pictures (now).  I still have a ways to go but she has planted the seed so it’s up to me now to nurture it and watch it grow. I am excited to see what the end result will look like.  I’ve worked too hard to get to this point and there will be no turning back.  I’m going to keep praying and pressing my way until I get where I want to be in this journey."


~ Crystal


"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Velvet these past 3 months.  I have learned so much about myself, food and nutrition.  I was talking with my son earlier and I told him that I will never go back to the way I once ate.  Thanks for your patience, kindness, and willingness to share what you have learned as it relates to health and fitness.  I love how you are able to introduce God into the equation for without Him, we can do nothing!!!  You are truly a blessing to me and my family." 


~ Gwen